What We Do

European integration was also a successful experiment in terms of conflict resolution. Unfortunately, this aspect is often overlooked, especially by the younger generation. It should be remembered that member countries cooperate more closely than ever, in particular through common institutions.

What must be considered when dealing with the European Union is its great practical importance for each institution of the member countries. The EU not only manifests itself politically but can also influence the daily lives of its citizens in various fields.

YCEI covers a wide range of activities (for example, social, cultural, educational, sports-related and political) carried out with, by and for young people through non-formal and informal learning.

YCEI helps young people reach their full potential. It promotes personal development, autonomy, initiative and participation in society.

  • providing an (online/real life) platform for youth to come together and discuss issues that the European Union is facing regarding unity.
  • facilitating lectures and presentations
  • organizing discussions, debate and roundtable conversations
  • formal and informal network drinks on-location in Prague where our members and future members can meet each other and get in touch with experts in an informal way.

If you want to meet new people from across the European Union and share ideas and thoughts, YCEI is the best place for you.