YCEI is located in the delightful heart of Europe, in the capital of the Czech Republic; Prague. Our office can be found in the historical neighborhood of Vinohrady. Years back, in the seasons of the kings. This area was the vineyard of the kings. Prague is based on hills. From this palace, the king could look on his wine-yards on the opposite side of the river. Presently, it is among the most delightful neighborhoods in Prague with gaudy historical buildings, parks and extravagant views the city has.

At YCEI, we arrange different events such as lectures, round-table discussions, debates, and seminars. You can come to our office for a formal and informal system of meetings to enhance your (professional) European knowledge and personal talents.

Since we are a starting organization, we are usually on the road. If you don’t have the chance to visit us, you can simply call us, WhatsApp, message via social media or through the old email. We are glad to have you and discuss a future partnership.